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CoCA News is posted to the Newsletter Subscribers Data Base:You can subscribe on the Home Page as shown >>>>>>>> Marriage Act Changes - CoCA Celebrant News December 2017 Workforce Survey - CoCA Celebrant News November 2017 COI & B2B Policy - CoCA Celebrant News October 2017 Next AGD Meeting - CoCA Celebrant News September 2017 Annual Fees - CoCA Celebrant News August 2017 Marriage Forms - CoCA Celebrant News June 2017 Future needs survey and Copyright - CoCA News March 2017 Make your advertising dollars work for you - CoCA News February 2017 Paid your annual fee? CoCA Celebrant News August 2016 National Celebrant…
The Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) Inc thanks every celebrant who participated in its 2016 National Survey of Independent Celebrants during May and June. The survey closed on the 28th June and raw data from the survey is currently being loaded into the For Celebrants section of our website.  When the data upload has been completed, the July Celebrant News will be sent to all celebrants on our Newsletter subscribers list.
Recently Civil Celebrants Graduate Association [Monash] Inc. (CCGA) informed the Coalition of Celebrant Associations that it was winding up its status as an incorporated body and so would no longer be eligible to be a CoCA member organisation after the end of July. Sadly, this brings CCGA’s proud history of collaboration with CoCA from its inception in 2008 to a close. CCGA has been an active part of the Coalition from its beginnings. When the Attorney General originally requested that celebrants form a peak body to communicate celebrant concerns to himself and the Marriage Celebrants Section, a team of representatives…
The Attorney General's Department has followed up on the recommendations of the Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) to provide the Marriage Forms in pdf writable formats.See the message from the Senior Legal Officer below. The Attorney General’s Department’s response is a good example of how your suggestions and advice, whether given on your own CoCA association Forums or via our What' On Your Mind, really help your  CoCA delegates to work on your behalf to bring about positive change.Your CoCA delegates appreciate your active membership, your support and your ideas and encourage you to continue to contribute thoughts and suggestions…
DATE: 2nd February 2014 S2155 JUDICIARY AMENDMENT 4/8/2013 djl   BPU#  G:\Cmujud\J03\SJU\SJU 2012-2013\12-16-2013\S2155_Amends.doc JU 196 SR 000 TR 000 These amendments make this bill identical to Assembly No. 2201(1R) SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE A M E N D M E N T S to SENATE, No. 2155 (Sponsored by Senator WEINBERG)
For up-to-date information about the Marriage Celebrant Program, and especially matters related to the Annual Fee being applied only to Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants – see Changes to the Marriage Celebrants Program
With sadness the Coalition of Celebrants Association (CoCA) Inc wishes to inform our colleagues in the celebrancy world that  Tony Gelme, one of CoCA’s Founding Members when CoCA formed in 2008, passed away on the 4th June 2014 after a long illness.
Dear Colleagues It is with saddened hearts the Coalition of Celebrants Association (CoCA) Inc wishes to inform all our colleagues in the celebrancy world that Robyn Caine our CoCA Chairperson until 2 days ago and  founding member of CoCA passed away this afternoon. Robyn will always be a treasured part of our lives and her work will live on in the fabric of our celebrancy world and beyond.
Date: 23 November 2012  Dear fellow Celebrant,
On the 25th November the Attorney-General's Department issued a discussion paper seeking views on ongoing professional development requirements and the Guidelines on conflict of interest and benefit to business for Commonwealth registered marriage celebrants. CoCA has provided some background information on Conflict of Interest and Benefit to Business Ongoing professional devleopment to assist Commonwealth marriage celebrants to consider the impact of their feedback to the AGD. What issues would you like CoCA to raise on your behalf? Comment here for Conflict of Interest and Benefit to Business Ongoing professional development
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