Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

What is CoCA?

What CoCA is:

The Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) is a group of associations under one banner and is recognised by the Attorney General (AG), the Attorney General’s Department and the Marriage Law & Celebrant Section (MLCS) as the Peak Body for Commonwealth marriage celebrants. One of CoCA’s aims is to engage with the Attorney-General and the Department on Marriage Celebrant Program issues.

  • The Coalition of Celebrant Associations Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association of associations.

  • An agreement amongst celebrant associations to work together in order to present concerns and offer solutions to the AGD (Attorney-General’s Department) & consult with the AGD regarding Australia’s marriage celebrant program. (Administration and management of the marriage celebrant program rests entirely with the AGD).

  • CoCA is a group formally recognised and acknowledged by the Attorney-General and the AGD as the Peak Body for marriage celebrant associations.

  • A delegate and alternate deleate from each member association meets electronically (by online forums) throughout the year and twice a year in face to face meetings with members of the AGD in Canberra.

  • The CoCA group brings together the combined wisdom of association delegates selected on the basis of ability & knowledge to address celebrant concerns. It is made up of articulate, well-informed, problem-solving, experienced marriage celebrants, with a balance of long-term celebrants and those appointed post 2003.

  • CoCA delegates bring concerns and other relevant matters from their separate associations to CoCA to consider for presentation to the AGD. Delegates also report back to their association Committees on discussions with and submissions to the AGD.

  • CoCA aims to work in partnership with the MLCS, to present ‘celebrants’ views’ and to influence decisions made by the AGD.
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