Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

Summary of the effects of Recommendations on Cost Recovery

Name of Fee MLCS work  
Annual Marriage Law Education & Confirmation of Continuing Registration Fee or Annual Marriage Law & Celebrant Section Website Listing and Access Fee. Marriage Law and Policy Development Either collected as a fee directly from celebrants and paid once each year via CanprintOr by purchasing of vouchers/ stamps from Canprint per marriage
Marriage Stationery, Publications and Canprint
Data collection & analysis
Website Listing
Coordination of Resource Development and support for all marriage celebrants (BDMs and Celebrant Associations)
Reimburse BDM work
Reimburse CoCA work
Explanatory Material
Access to Marriage Law Information
Public Information about Marriage
Public Seminars on Marriage
Application Fee Inquiries Paid for by applicant
Fit & Proper Person Assessment
Appointment Assessment Fee Knowledge and Skills Assessment Paid for by applicant
Servicing Regional Advisory Committees
Compliance Fee One hour each 5 years Paid once each five years purchased from Canprint.Or a proportion added to the annual Website Fee
Fines for non-compliance


CoCA advises against duplicating a mechanism for collecting fees when there is already a system in place via Canprint for the purchase of an annual numbered Voucher.

Celebrants should not be required to bear the cost of such duplication were the MLCS to set up its own collection system.

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