Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

CoCA History

History of CoCA

CoCA Inc came into existence from a long held desire by marriage celebrants and their associations to have a representative group putting their concerns directly to the Attorney-General and the Attorney General’s Department (originally the Registrar of Celebrants and the Marriage Celebrant Section).

The first National Council achieved some success, but difficulties in reaching agreement amongst celebrants and associations saw this council evolve into the current peak body at the invitation of the The Hon Robert McClelland, MP and Commonwealth Attorney-General. 13 associations became part of the foundation group. Delegates were appointed by these associations and an initial meeting was held in Canberra in October 2008. This first meeting agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding and appointed the first office bearers.

The Memorandum of Understanding states (in part):

Aim: to establish a collective unified representation of marriage celebrants to the Attorney-General and to the Attorney-General’s Department.

Purpose: to promote celebrancy and the advancement of the profession of celebrants.

Since this time, CoCA Inc has continued to work with the AGD on all practical and formal matters that are within their scope. CoCA has a Definition of Purpose, a Memorandum of Understanding, a draft professional standards for marriage celebrants, a Code of Ethics, and an agreed Protocol between CoCA & the AGD.

A constitution is agreed and CoCA Inc was incorporated in NSW in March 2011.

At the meeting with the Attorney Generals Department in December 2010, the ‘Protocol between the Coalition of Celebrant Associations and the Attorney-General’s Department’ was formally signed by both parties. This document confirms the Peak Body status of CoCA and the special relationship now established.

It is CoCA Delegates strong desire to work in collaboration with the Attorney-General and members of the Department to further the profession of Civil Celebrants and to provide accurate and timely information to the Department from the member Associations.
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