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Commonwealth Dept. Finance – Review of Cost Recovery Guidelines

CoCA Submission to Review of the Australian Guidelines
The Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance)  conducted a whole-of-government review of the Australian Government’s Cost Recovery Guidelines (the Guidelines). The Guidelines set out the Australian Government’s cost recovery policy and processes for those Government entities that undertake cost recovery activities.

The Guidelines were last updated in 2005, since then there have been a number of changes to legislation, policy and processes. Some cost recovery processes have limited flexibility and may involve red tape. This, together with the increasing number of Australian Government entities undertaking cost recovery activities highlights the need for review.

The closing date for submissions was 20 August 2012, however CoCA was given an extension given the Attorney-General’s discussion paper on the Cost Recovery proposals was not released until the 20th August 2012.

Coalition of Celebrant Association (CoCA) Submission – Review of Australian Cost Recovery Guidelines

DOWNLOAD – The CoCA Submission


0. Cover Letter

1. Transparency

2. Consultation with Stakeholders

3. End Users of Government Services/ Products

4. Clear Legal Authority for the imposition of charges

5. Cost recovery – neither efficient nor effective

6. Natural  Justice

7. Conclusion and References
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