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Marriage Act Changes - CoCA Celebrant News December 2017
Workforce Survey - CoCA Celebrant News November 2017
COI & B2B Policy - CoCA Celebrant News October 2017
Next AGD Meeting - CoCA Celebrant News September 2017
Annual Fees CoCA Celebrant News August 2017
Marriage Forms - CoCA Celebrant News June 2017

Future needs survey and Copyright - CoCA News March 2017

Make your advertising dollars work for you - CoCA News February 2017
Paid your annual fee? CoCA Celebrant News August 2016
National Celebrant Survey - Raw Data 8th July 2016
National Celebrant Survey - Deadline 28th June 2016
Vale CCGA Celebrants Association - CoCA Celebrant News June 2016
National Celebrants Survey - CoCA Celebrant News April 2016
Celebrants Survey & Annual Fee - CoCA Celebrant News May 2016
Extra Association Benefits - CoCA Celebrant News March 2016
Your concerns - CoCA Celebrant News February 2016
Important Reminders - CoCA Celebrant News January 2016

Overview of 2015 - CoCA Celebrant News December 2015

Issues raised with MLCS
- CoCA News November 2015
OPD, Survey results & more
- CoCA News October 2015
Annual Celebrant Questionnaire
- CoCA News September 2015
Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Opinions
- CoCA News August 2015
Celebrant Concerns
- CoCA News July 2015
Celebrant Training Consultation
- CoCA News May 2015
New Celebrant Training
- CoCA News April 2015
Marriage Forms Survey
– CoCA News March 2015
Training Update
- CoCA Celebrant News February 2015
Unusual & Difficult
- CoCA Celebrant News January 2015
Marriage Forms
- CoCA Celebrant News December 2014
Ongoing Professional Development (OPD)+ Marriage Forms
- CoCA News November 2014
New marriage forms
- CoCA News October 2014
What's On Your Mind?
- CoCA News September 2014

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The Monthly Celebrant News is one way CoCA supports you as an Australian Celebrant
- See CoCA Goals
The Celebrant News assists you to find out what CoCA Volunteer Delegates from CoCA Assocations are doing for the Australian community and you as a professional celebrant.

The Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) Incorporated invites journalists and other media personnel to contact us for information about the role of civil celebrants in Australian society, the range and types of celebrants offering services to their communities, and the range of ceremonies including weddings, namings, aniversaries, funerals and memorials. CoCA also advises the Government on the Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant Program, the Australian Marriage Act 1961 and its impact on marriage celebrants and marrying couples.

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