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Marriage Act Changes - CoCA Celebrant News December 2017
Workforce Survey - CoCA Celebrant News November 2017
COI & B2B Policy - CoCA Celebrant News October 2017
Next AGD Meeting - CoCA Celebrant News September 2017
Annual Fees CoCA Celebrant News August 2017
Marriage Forms - CoCA Celebrant News June 2017

Future needs survey and Copyright - CoCA News March 2017

Make your advertising dollars work for you - CoCA News February 2017
Paid your annual fee? CoCA Celebrant News August 2016
National Celebrant Survey - Raw Data 8th July 2016
National Celebrant Survey - Deadline 28th June 2016
Vale CCGA Celebrants Association - CoCA Celebrant News June 2016
National Celebrants Survey - CoCA Celebrant News April 2016
Celebrants Survey & Annual Fee - CoCA Celebrant News May 2016
Extra Association Benefits - CoCA Celebrant News March 2016
Your concerns - CoCA Celebrant News February 2016
Important Reminders - CoCA Celebrant News January 2016

Overview of 2015 - CoCA Celebrant News December 2015

Issues raised with MLCS
- CoCA News November 2015
OPD, Survey results & more
- CoCA News October 2015
Annual Celebrant Questionnaire
- CoCA News September 2015
Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Opinions
- CoCA News August 2015
Celebrant Concerns
- CoCA News July 2015
Celebrant Training Consultation
- CoCA News May 2015
New Celebrant Training
- CoCA News April 2015
Marriage Forms Survey
– CoCA News March 2015
Training Update
- CoCA Celebrant News February 2015
Unusual & Difficult
- CoCA Celebrant News January 2015
Marriage Forms
- CoCA Celebrant News December 2014
Ongoing Professional Development (OPD)+ Marriage Forms
- CoCA News November 2014
New marriage forms
- CoCA News October 2014
What's On Your Mind?
- CoCA News September 2014

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