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Appendix 3: Regional Advisory Panels

This section contains information on the formation and process of the Regional Advisory Panels referred to in Section 2.0.

It is envisaged that:
  • Decisions for appointment based upon community need minimium overall average level of X weddings p.a per celebrant in each region, and, and upon the best applicant for an area by interview by an Advisory Panel.
  • 30 Regional Advisory Panels, each covering 5 electorates, would advise on level of
  • need in their areas over a 5 year review cycle (ie their level of x weddings pa per celebrant may be varied), and to deal with requests for appointments above the level set.
  • Resourced by a dedicated administrative officer in MLCS, regional information from the new data base, plus other government statistics.
  • Computerised systems, including an Annual Return of Statistics by all celebrants, and Guidelines for appointment should make this task manageable. efficient and effective as possible.
  • All applicants would need to reach an Appointment Approval level status, before being considered for interview for vacancies in an area.
Note. This model is similar to doctors applying for “Medicare” provider numbers.

It is recommended that the Regional Average Ratio of Appointment Level per independent civil marriage celebrant be set initially at a Mean Average of 24 weddings pa for that region.

Note: This does not mean * any individual civil celebrant would have to do a set number of weddings. * the region could not set a higher or a lower average number if its geographic area meant that slightly more or less celebrants were needed.

The Guidelines would include the Regional Advisory Committee’s responsibility to ensure that level of appointments were set at a level so that all marriage celebrant would maintain their celebrancy practices to cover normal costs and reasonable recompense for their time.

It is envisaged that:
  • A Regional Advisory Panel would meet once every 5 years.
  • It would be resourced and supported by a staff person in MLCS.
  • That person would do 6 panels each year.
  • The government could advertise expressions of interest from appropriate people from that region.
  • A venue could be arranged via one on the federal MPs in that area.
  • An advisory panel’s role would be to advise the AGD Appointment person.
  • A resource pack would be sent to outline the task, what to look for etc.
  • A flat fee paid for attendance.
Appropriate Persons for this role would be considered from the following professions:
  • Celebrant Association Representative
  • A Local Mayor
  • Principal of a Public High School in the Region
  • President of a Chamber of Commerce
  • A representative from Toastmasters or Rostrum
The AGD person would travel to them.

The AGD may come up with an alternate plan for interviewing prospective celebrants.

However, please note that associations and the consultation process have consistently said that the AGD makes the appointments so they should interview and select prospective celebrants.

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