Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

9.0 Create an Expert Resource Team

The aim of this recommendation is to assist MLCS and other areas in minimizing the number of unnecessary contacts made to these areas.

It is recommended that:
  • A resource team made up of MLCS legal staff, BDM representatives and celebrant association/CoCA representatives be appointed to handle difficult questions/situations.
  • The role of this panel would be to:
  • To examine the more tricky questions that come in via celebrant associations or BDM
  • Provide a team approach to problem solving.
  • To request the AGD to contact the relevant embassies etc as required
  • To document the findings into Fact Sheets or Information Sheets as matters are resolved.
  • Be a resource group for Prescribed Authorities
  • It is envisaged that this panel would be a closed in-house web-based forum inside the upgraded MLCS website.
It is suggested also that a MLCS legal officer would be assigned to 2 or 3 associations as the contact for queries. This would ensure the most efficient and cost effective support service for celebrants is available to all. It would also promote the use of celebrant associations and thus minimise the workload of BDM and MLCS.

It is further anticipated that it would minimise the workload on part-time marriage celebrants and enable couples to have both standard and expert advice readily and clearly identified.

Cost Recovery

MLCS, BDMs and celebrant associations are already devoting time to address celebrants queries and needs for clearer information. No extra cost should be involved – rather less as these groups efforts would be coordinated and streamlined to improve efficiency an quality.

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