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Many people are attracted to the role of  Marriage Celebrant for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are: To be able to provide weddings as part of a range of other ceremonies the celebrant provides in a Civil Celebrancy practice To promote ‘marriage’ as an important relationship for families and society To have a creative and challenging role that offers a great variety of experiences To have a part-time or full-time flexible occupation that can fit in with other family commitments To have an official status or sense of identity To be where “love is” To enjoy working with…
To become a successful celebrant, you need to be prepared to commit to a substantial set up cost, and further ongoing costs. Statistics* show that the average number of marriage ceremonies a marriage celebrant can expect to conduct is about 10 per year, and as more celebrants are authorised, this figure is less.
Subject: Canadian Engineer as celebrant in Australia Question: My Fiance is Australian, I am Canadian and we live in Canada. However, we are planning on getting married in Australia.  I have a friend who is a professional engineer who we would like to perform the ceremony. Is this a legal possibility in Australia, if so, what are the steps involved for this person to be qualified to perform the wedding ceremony in Australia?Thank-you for your time,Nikki Answer: Dear NikkiCongratulations on you upcoming marriage. Australia's independent civil marriage celebrants are unique in the world in that they: do all the legal…
What are the Qualities of a Top Celebrant: Knowledge – Know-how – what works & what doesn’t Self confidence and likeability Public speaking skills and a good voice Outgoing personality
We provide the following to assist your decision making. Here are some questions to consider before commencing any training. Are you
The latest information on becoming a marriage celebrant can be found on the Attorney-General's website. Attorney-General's website - Becoming a marriage celebrant.  
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