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Posted April 21st, 2014 | 
As most Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants would know, the  Coalition of  Celebrant Associations (CoCA) Inc opposed the introduction of an annual fee on only Commonwealth registered marriage celebrants.

Basically CoCA examined the proposed services and the evidence for their introduction, and found no evidence to support the need for singling out one group of marriage celebrants to receive staff-intensive regulatory services. Only two invalid marriages in 15 years where celebrant error was sited as a possible cause – is a stunningly low statistic – and interesting as one celebrant was a religious one who would not be covered by these measures anyway.
Posted March 27th, 2014 |


Dear all

Samantha Byng, A/g Assistant Secretary, Marriage and Intercountry Adoption Branch, Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, has just informed the CoCA  Chairperson, Robyn Caine, that Amendment Bills 2014 have passed.

This  legislation implements cost recovery and other administrative changes to the Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants Program.

In the Federal budget brought down in Parliament in May 2011, a number of reforms were proposed to the Marriage Celebrant Program.
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