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Appendix 2: Pre-appointment Assessment Model

Draft submitted to the MLCS October 2010


To ensure that all applicants for the position of marriage celebrant under Section X of the Marriage Act 1961 meet an appropriate uniform standard of knowledge, skills and ‘Fit and Proper Person” criteria (values and presentation), irrespective of their mode of training for the Cert. IV In Celebrancy and registered training organisation with which their qualification was obtained.


A national ‘self-funding’ independent system of pre-appointment assessment by panel of appropriately trained personnel administered by the Marriage Celebrant Section and established and reviewed by CoCA and the Attorney General’s Department


1. Assessment Criteria

To establish minimum criteria for

2. Assessment Tools

To establish assessment tools

a. Knowledge Testing – open questionnaire, random questions approx 50% legals

b. Skills by interview in person or via distance eg Skype including verifying identity of person being assessed

3. Assessment Personnel

To ensure sufficient personnel to do assessment Panel of people who
  • provide / have provided Cert IV in Celebrancy training
  • have Cert IV in Work Place Training and Work Place Assessment
  • have conducted a minimum of 40 marriage ceremonies as a registered Marriage Celebrant
4. Assessment Fee

To ensure this system is self supporting
  • 2 hours assessment with applicant @ ongoing TAA rate eg $55 per hour ($110)
  • 2 hours writing up, making recommendations ($110)
  • travel and admin allowance max $40
  • component for MSC admin max $40
Total Cost = $ 300 per person

5. Assessment Administrative Process

To ensure independence
  • application and fee gathering processes
  • matching applicant with an independent assessor
  • time frame for assessments and reports to MCS
  • over-all reporting mechanism for AG and CoCA
6. Ongoing Review and Evaluation

To identify issues needing to be addressed and that the System is meeting its main Objective

• establishing time frames and processes

COST of Establishing the Above System:

Tender this out:
  • Part A – Items 1, 2, 3    above -    $ 4,500
  • Part B – Items 3,4,5, 6 -$ 2500
  • Travel, accommodation and out-pocket expenses etc $2000
Sub-Total: $ 9000
  • CoCA costs
  • Travel and Accommodation for reps $1000
TOTAL: $10,000


CoCA apply for a grant of $ 10,000 to make detailed recommendations on the above to the AG Department Grant SOURCE: AGs or some other suitable Government Grant Program.

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