Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

11.0 Support for Celebrant Associations

CoCA has previously approached the AGD/MLCS for funds to support the CoCA associations and their delegates.

This recommendation is to support that application with the following:

It is recommended that the AGD/MLCS provide funds to support CoCA for the following:
  • With assistance to upgrade the CoCA website
  • With travel equilisation
  • With a salary for a part-time person to resource CoCA
  • Recommendation 12
CoCA is committed to maximising the services of celebrant associations in providing advice and support to MLCS, BDM’s and the independent celebrant community and to promote maximum involvement of all celebrants. Financial and other support from AGD/MLCS would aid them in this vital role.

Cost Recovery

As per Recommendation 13

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