Coalition of Celebrant Associations

Australia’s Peak Celebrant Body

Subject Matter Expert Group (SMEG) - Second review of celebrancy training

SMEG @ 2014

Rona Goold, Coalition of Celebrants Associations IRG representative for celebrancy training

Leone Oakhill, InternationalCollege of Celebrancy (for Diane Lester)

Elizabeth Pforr, Alliance ofCelebrants Queensland

Gail Nagel, Australian MarriageCelebrants

Georgia Mills, Association ofCivil Celebrants, Victoria

then Lyn Knorr,  Association ofCivil Celebrants, Victoria

Joy Allen, Funeral CelebrantsAssociation Australia

Judith Brooks, CelebrantsAustralia Inc.

Julie Allen, Civil CelebrantsGraduate Association

Robyn Caine,  Association Civil Marriage Celebrants NSW & ACT
And Chairperson CoCA

Susan Davis, Attorney-GeneralsDepartment

Alan Milson, Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 
(who did not participate as part of the SMEG group)

Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council 

Nicola Burridge, CS&HISC - Project Officer

Dorothy Rao, CS&HISC - Driector

SMEG prior to 2014

Robyn McEwen, CS&HISC - Project Officer

Catherin Bearsely, Civil CelebrantsGraduate Association

CoCA established a forum for celebrants and trainers to participate in the review.

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