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If you need assistance, please contact the CoCA Secretary giving

  • your email address and
  • contact phone numbers

The CoCA Secretary will call to assist you in being able to access or use our forums.

Switching between two tabs is a simple way to read instructions then apply them while you are working online. This saves printing out instructions an saves wasting paper and ink
Go to FORUMS WAIT for an email to say your Registration has been approved You can now login from the LOGIN on the right hand side. When logged in there are three internal links as below. Click on Members Forum.Members Menu    • Users Profile    • Members Forum <    • Members Content
NOTE: You will need to know your USERNAME and PASSWORD If you are not sure of either contact us immediately. If you try too many time, you will be locked out.
Login Click Users Profile Hover over Edit Click Update Your Profile Click Contact Info tab Change Password, Email etc. as required Click Update Click Update to save changes.Any hassles contact us.
Click LOGIN TYPE in USERNAME and PASSWORD Click LOGIN                         When logged in, click BOARD INDEX Then click USER CONTROL PANEL Click the PROFILE tab.                   Click PROFILE TAB Click EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS FILL IN as required Click SUBMIT                         Then click BOARD INDEX to return.
First Go to FORUMS, and LOGIN Then 1. Click USER CONTROL PANEL 2. Click DIGESTS 3. Click BASICS 4. Set DAY and TIME (HTML) as required 5. Click SUBMIT 6. Click Return to the User Control Panel 7. Click DIGESTS 8. Click FORUMS SELECTIONS 9. Tick those you want or un-tick those you do not 10. Click SUBMIT 11. Click Return to the User Control Panel 12. Click DIGESTS 13. Click ADDITIONAL CRITERIA 14. Set as Oldest to Newest 15. Tick Show no post text at all 16. Click SUBMIT 17. Click Return to the User Control Panel If you…
Log in. Click BOARD INDEX               Click the name of the Forum you want                     Click on NEW TOPIC             COMPLETE as shown:
Log in. Click BOARD INDEX               Click the name of the Forum you want                     Click on the TOPIC name you want                             COMPLETE as shown:                             NOTE: You will be able to EDIT immediately, so click SUBMIT not "Save draft" Any hassles please contact us
Find the post of yours you wish to edit. Between the post tile and your username is a  set of small icons Click EDIT Take care not to "delete" - unless you need to - >It is best not to delete a post that someone has commented upon, or we lose the train of thought. When completed editting, click Submit.
Click on the CoCA logo to return to the main website.             Any hassles please contact us
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