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Celebrant copyright

Key issues to look at with Copyright

  •  Reproduction – Photocopying, scanning
  •  Communication – Faxing, emailing, posting on web etc
  • Statute of Limitations – 6 years in Australia, from the time an infringement is uncovered, for someone to take a legal action against your business within that period
  • How long copyright lasts for – A life and 70 years
  • Substantial part – Not about the quantity of works it is about the quality, could be a paragraph, 6 lines from a full text, a graph or a table
  • Moral rights – right to attribute as well as economic right

General Copyright: The information on copyright and marriage celebrants is being updated. The Marriage Law & Celebrant Section proposes to include the updated information in the revised Guidelines which will be available next year.
Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) has arranged a discounted price for CAL Copyright Licence for all CoCA association members. This means as a CoCA association member, you receive the CAL Celebrants Group Copyright Licence at the same price as is being charged of non-CoCA associations. This means whether you belong to a small CoCA association or a large one, whatever is best for you, you are not disadvantaged on price for your Copyright or Individual Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.Names and fees are collected for a financial year licence and submitted to CAL at the end of July each…
 Commonly asked questions about this CAL Celebrant Group Licence  * why should a professional celebrant purchase a CAL Celebrant Group Copyright Licence? As professionals with high ethical standards,  the ethically right thing to do is to pay for use of a poet or other artists work directly by purchasing their material or indirectly by purchasing a CAL licence Obviously to not break copyright, without a CAL Celebrant Licence, the celebrant would have to use only material they have written themselves, or material that is so old that copyright has expired. Even highly skilled and talented authors are not appreciated universally by…
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