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Some strategies to address Child and Forced Marriage

Like most complex issues, there are a range of social, legal, economic, educational and other strategies needed to reduce the incidence of child and forced marriage. 

In relation to Marriage law, there are three changes that would assist:

1. Ensure all marriage ceremonies include a common component that requires
  • all couples to give consent in front of witnesses in the marriage ceremony
  • all celebrants to identify the ceremony as a legal according to law or not legal according to Australian law
  • all celebrants to state whether they are authorised by civil law to conduct marriages or not

2. Ensure all marriage celebrants are  trained in marriage law to an appropriate standard and required to undertake regular professional development particularly when there are changes to the Marriage Act.

3. Ensure the Attorney-General's Department takes responsibility for the provision of information to all marriage celebrants  via religious organisations, celebrant associations, its website and the online celebrant portal.

What simple changes could be made to the Marriage Act to ensure all marriages contained the same basic conditions?

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