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CoCA associations – in summary

The Coalition of Celebrant Associations is an “association of associations”.  As such CoCA does not have individual celebrants as members, rather associations are members. Then member associations are represented by the delegates they nominate. However member associations accept individual celebrants as members, and all CoCA Associations have and/ or accept members from all states and territories around Australia.

If you join a CoCA association then you are linked  to CoCA as the peak body via your association.

Each association, whilst providing some common services,  is unique so comparing is difficult – a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

The following summaries are to help you find this best fit for you.

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Celebrants Australia
Celebrants Australia was established in Victoria in 2004. Our membership is available to all Registered Marriage Celebrants, General Celebrants and celebrant students awaiting registration (by providing a copy of their Cert 1V Celebrancy certificate). Our membership year is January to December and our fees are $70 pa with option of an additional $40, if you wish to be included in the group policy for Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance through our affiliation with CoCA.  Our website lists a brief bio about yourself, your name, contact details and your personal web address (if supplied).  We also have a ‘contact a celebrant’ section, where the public can send you an email direct if they are seeking the services of a celebrant.

CAI holds 5 members face-to-face meetings (February, April, June, August (AGM), October) each year with speakers at each meeting, a Christmas Dinner get together in December, an online forum where all members have access, a newsletter with is produced quarterly, a Facebook page and discounted OPD day, usually held in June.  Our speakers cover a wide range of topics that will enhance the role of the civil celebrant and include not only areas for weddings, but funerals, naming days and those ‘one-off’ ceremonies that you may asked to officiate.

If you wish to take out individual PI & PL Insurance, being a member of CAI, this can be taken out with A J Gallagher Insurance brokers for $95pa (current as at 2016/2017).  Members also have the opportunity to take out the CAL Copyright insurance cover as part of the CoCA group policy for an additional $45, payable in July each year.
We have a delegate on the CoCA Committee that will represent us at all meetings with the Attorney General’s Dept and other matters that CoCA pursues on behalf of celebrants around Australia.

Marriage Celebrants Australia (Inc) WA

Marriage Celebrants Australia (Inc) has a membership fee of $100 which includes Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

A joining fee of $145 includes a badge. We include student celebrants and registered marriage celebrants (civil and independent religious) from any State. We have regular newsletters, and information events throughout the year, as well as an internet forum. In addition, we have a dedicated phone line 24/7. Members details are listed on our website. We visit country members regularly. The Executive Committee meets monthly, but members are also welcome to attend. Our AGM and OPD day is held in April/May, and all four OPD providers offer discounted OPD to our members.

Assoc. Civil Marriage Celebrants of Vic. (ACMCV) Inc.

Whilst the Assoc. Civil Marriage Celebrants of Vic. Inc. is based in Victoria, members from other states are welcome. It is the largest Victorian non-profit association. Annual membership fee is $70 and this includes Group Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance.

Membership includes a free web page, access to the Yahoo chat forum and Facebook group.

The ACMCV offers a free ‘mentoring’ service to members, a quarterly print magazine, and the opportunity to buy and proudly wear an ACMCV name badge.

Discounted ACMCV OPD sessions are provided throughout metropolitan and country Victoria. Members also receive a discount should they choose to attend other OPD sessions not run by the ACMCV.

We also run a full day conference in July and this is free for members as well as a free get together at Christmas which includes partners.

Members are all authorised civil celebrants.


The Celebrants Network Inc.

The Celebrants Network Inc is a "national online celebrant association with a difference" for all civil celebrants – student, marriage celebrants, naming and family celebrants, funeral /memorial celebrants and celebrants for all occasions. CCN Inc publicly and constitutionally supports a professional model of celebrancy as well as celebrant equality and marriage equality.

Professional Celebrant Membership year is one fee of $90 pa (July- June) or $45 (Jan- June) for all types of celebrants. Student $40pa.

The Celebrants Network members can also purchase the Group insurance at $35 pa or pro-rata; and/or CAL Copyright licence separately at $55pa or pro-rata.

The Celebrants Network members also have access to individual insurance via Arthur J Gallagher. Their rates are extremely competitive with $30 discount at $99pa (normally $129).

The Celebrants Network Inc has a strong focus on supporting members with marketing and promotion via its new mobile friendly website, and social media activity.

Membership includes a "mini-website" i.e. a free directory entry with 10 free images in the Find a Celebrant directory on Funeral and Memorial Celebrants are offered a free second entry for that work.

The Celebrants Network projects promote the broad role of celebrants and the value of ceremony are available to all new  members and from 1st July for all The Celebrants Network membership renewals.  

Members receive discounted OPD and discount prices for high quality celebrant stationery products from our The Celebrants Network shop.

Members have access to online discussion forums with daily digests to their email addresses plus a wealth of Members only information on all areas of civil celebrancy. The Celebrants Network Inc AGMs and committee meetings are held on line for maximum participation.

# The Celebrants Network offers its members the option of adding group celebrant insurance and/or CAL copyrght licence.  The Celebrants Network, through its membership of the Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA), offers the best and most competitive group insurance cover available to celebrants in Australia. 

The Celebrants Network Inc policy is a CoCA group policy brokered by AJG that covers for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity claims as well as providing cover for "goods in custody".  Importantly the CCN policy is an "occurrence" based policy NOT a "claims made" policy - this significant difference makes this policy far superior to those offered by non-CoCA associations.  CCN's insurers provide insured members with a Certificate of Currency which enables members to demonstrate their insurance status when required.


Riverina Marriage Celebrants Association (RMCA) Inc.

The RMCA offers general membership for $ 50 pa

The RMCA meet 4 times a year in Wagga Wagga this is usually in February  May August and November. We try to have a guest speaker at our meetings. Members receive a directory listing with image on our website and the opportunity to share with each other online via our web-based forums. RMCA is a very supportive group of male and female celebrants for back-up and support, and we look forward to welcoming new members to our group. The RMCA membership fees do not include either insurance or copyright licence for members, but this can be arranged through our association with CoCA.


Assoc. Civil Marriage Celebrants of SA (ACMCSA) Inc.

ACMCSA new member’s have a choice of 4 level of fees to join the Association.  The first level is the Premium level $180 which consists of the $90 annual membership fee, Group Insurance and Copyright Licence cover.   The second level is Platinum level $140 which consists of the $90 annual membership fee, plus copyright licence cover.   The third level is Silver level $130 which consist of the $90 annual membership fee plus Group Insurance.  The fourth level is Standard level which consists of the annual membership fee of $90 only.  After December each year pro rata fees are offered.   Our year begins on 1st July to 30th June each year.

New members are emailed a “Welcome Pack” with various information and Association brochures as well as their Membership Certificate. We offer Individual insurance as well as Group Insurance also.

ACMCSA has 4 face to face meetings each year usually with Speakers and consisting of other information relevant to members to enhance the professionalism of its members. We hold a discounted OPD event each year for members, although non members may attend at a higher fee. The OPD consists of the full 5 hours required to comply with your obligation as a Civil Marriage Celebrant, and each attendee is emailed a Certificate of Attendance from the Association.

Our membership is available to all Registered marriage celebrants (civil and religious) and celebrant students. Our membership list also encompasses celebrants from nearby Victorian and NSW centres. Our Committee meets regularly to keep the business of the Association up to date. All members are offered free of charge their profile on our website This profile is rotated monthly so that all celebrants reach the top of the list

The Alliance of Celebrants Qld (ACQ) Inc.

The Alliance of Celebrants Queensland Inc membership year is January – December. New Members pay a one-off $25.00 joining fee + $125.00 annual membership = $150.00 total. Renewal Membership is $125.00 annually. Both include CAL Copyright Licence cover for all celebrants and ministers.

ACQ offers Pro-rata Membership Rates during the year and despite our name, we also offer & encourage membership to all celebrants Australia wide. Our membership offers free listing on our website, heavily reduced OPD in different locations Qld wide throughout the year, name badge to all new members, support and advice, monthly newsletters and regular information updates as applicable & copyright license. ACQ has arrangements for public & products liability $3M and professional indemnity insurance with no excess, with $20M coverage at an extra fee to our members.

ACQ also hosts an annual conference / OPD which is an extra cost but is subsidised by the association and cheaper than the standard OPD days with other networking functions held throughout the year. Our Committee meets quarterly discussing various issues within celebrancy.

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of NSW & ACT Inc.

The ACMCNSW&ACT offers full membership at $140 pa and Student membership  $70 pa

Membership includes a listing on the ACMC NSW & ACT website, access to a bi-monthly newsletter ‘Signed Sealed and Delivered,’ mentoring and regular association meetings, networking and social gatherings. Association members meetings are held every 2 months on the 3rd Wednesday – at the Rydges Bankstown Hotel and occasionally at a venue in the Hills District.

Meetings are friendly and provide supportive networking, with tea and coffee provided, and are a  chance to share stories, interests, to clarify issues and discuss concerns.  OPD with lunch and refreshments, is currently offered annually and member fees are subsidised by the Association. Professional and highly qualified presenters offer interesting and varied topics.  The Newsletter ‘Signed Sealed and Delivered’ – posted on this website, offers the most up to date items concerning celebrants, Attorney Generals Dept news releases, articles of interest, contacts, poetry and prose, celebrant profiles. Social Gatherings at Christmas and other times are held with the costs subsidised by the Association. Executive Committee meets monthly and AGM in August each year. ACMC NSW & ACT recommends individual insurance such as that offered by OAMPS and organises the CAL Celebrant Copyright Licence at $46  for members.

Professional Celebrant Association (PCA) Inc.

Our motto – “work together to accomplish more”. We are a friendly association supporting and fostering diversity within celebrancy and welcome all celebrants, including student-celebrants, general celebrants and registered marriage celebrants.  There is no joining fee, simply a yearly (July – June) membership fee of $100, plus the option to add the Copyright Licence cover for an additional $45 per annum.  Pro rata memberships are also available.

PCA offers four General Meetings each year, with guest speakers and educational activities such as a half day Knowledge Toolbox afternoon; an annual full day Conference (heavily subsided by the PCA) and two discounted, five hour OPD opportunities each year to give a choice in subjects. There is a Mentor program available which partners new celebrants with those who are more experienced, with the aim of promoting skills development and networking. Members also have access to the yahoo E-Group forum – a vibrant, friendly and active source of celebrancy information, advice, resources and support. In addition to the E-Group there is a Celebrant Helpline (for non-urgent enquiries by email) and Emergency Hotline (for emergency and urgent enquiries by phone). Our members continue to improve their knowledge and skills, and thus provide a better service to the community.

International College of Celebrancy Alumni and Friends (ICC) association.

Membership is open to students or graduates of the International College of Celebrancy as well as celebrants who desire to be informed, supported and encouraged in the practice of their chosen profession. Members fees are $50 pa

The ICC association provides members with l

  • listings on the members website;
  • access to discounted OPD sessions and
  • discounted celebrancy stationery from the Celebrant Centre;
  • association meetings;
  • email community online; advice and support.

    ICC offers optional groupinsurance (& discounted individual insurance via Arthur J Gallagher) and  optional access to CAL Copyright Licence.
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