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CoCA Inc Survey of Independent Celebrants 2019 - raw data

1400 respondents clicked into the CoCA Inc Survey of Independent Celebrants 2019.

1392 celebrants commenced the survey.

CoCA 2019 04 01 1

Q 01A

Q 02A

Q 03A

Q 04A

Q 05AQ 06

Q 07A

Q 08A

Q 09A

Q 10A

Q 12A

Q 13A

Q 14A

Q 15A

Q 16A

Q 17A

Q 18A

Q 19A

Q 20

NB: Apologies for the error on Q20. The question was reset and only figures reported are those where the question was working correctly.

Q 21

Q 22

Q 23A

Q 24A

Q 25

Q 26

Q 27A

Independent celebrants are also invited to offer their interpretation of the survey data in the CoCA Feedback section.

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