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CoCA - AGD meeting 150428 - statistics

The below points provide some broad commentary on the Marriage Celebrants Programme statistics.

  • The Marriage Celebrants Programme saw a drop off of in celebrant numbers with approximately 15% departing after the introduction of cost recovery in July 2014.  More recently, the total number of celebrants has largely stabilised
  • The introduction of the annual registration charge saw a large increase in resignations as well as 534 celebrants deregistered due to non‑payment in October 2014.
  • The number of applications received each month has reduced slightly. 
  • The volume of correspondence peaked in May through September as the team assisted many celebrants with their invoice related enquires.  
  • The types of enquiries received over the past three months are quite diverse in nature and roughly fall into the following categories:
    • Marriages in Australia (celebrant & couple enquiries) – 47%
    • Applications to become a marriage celebrant (status update & feedback once registered) – 23%
    • Update to celebrant details – 15%
    • Ongoing Professional Development – 5%
    • Other (Reforms, Marriage Overseas, Complaints, Conflict of interest, Performance reviews etc) – 10%
  • The Department has taken action on non-compliance in regards to celebrants fulfilling their OPD obligations.  569 deregistrations occurred in 2014 as a result of OPD obligations not being fulfilled.  In 2014, 91% of celebrants were compliant with their OPD obligations.
  • The Department has made changes to the way that complaints statistics are recorded. Complaints are now recorded according to their date of receipt (rather than entry) and their primary complaint type. This has resulted in minor changes to previously provided statistics but has resulted in more accurate figures.


Statistics contained in the following tables are accurate as at 31 March 2015.


Note: Total registered celebrants includes celebrants who were registered at some point in that year and were subsequently taken off the Register due to resignation, deregistration or any other reason.


Deregistrations exemptions



Statutory complaints relate to the solemnisation of a marriage; non-statutory complaints relate to any other matter raised about a celebrant (eg. fit and proper person, conflict of interest).



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