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2016 AGD OPD discussion

Independent celebrants are invited to offer their comments and recommendations to CoCA on OPD section of the AGD 2016 Discussion Paper released 25th November 2016
CoCA's background notes

Whether you are a member of a CoCA association or not,  you may fill in the Message Box below to give us your examples.


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  • Comment Link Lindsay press Wednesday, 11 January 2017 21:31

    I agree all mandatory yearly OPD are essential elements for provision of quality and standards monitoring ,Also for continuum of celebrants active involvement in ongoing self development. Accountability for professional maintenance and adherence to code of practice.


  • Comment Link Patricia Frick Saturday, 17 December 2016 10:48

    So 70% of Celebrants are regulated and complete regular OPD resulting in a small number of complaints - this is good data to support the maintenance of the current system (with a few tweaks) as it would appear to actually be working very very well?


  • Comment Link Rona Goold Saturday, 17 December 2016 08:51

    The previous commentator seems unware that 70% of marriage celebrants are not government regulated as Subdivision C is. Subdivisions A and B are not required by govt to do any training in marriage law nor any professional development in marriage law. There are no grounds for taking $.2.4 million from our sector to manage 20 complaints per year on over 80,000 weddings ie 0.025 %. A CoCA review of 15 years of marriages found only 2 cases where celebrant conduct could be attributed to the celebrant - 1 civil, 1 religious.

    The associations should be regulating their own members like the churches do, and the MLCS only deal with the serious cases of invalidly on issues of "child and forced marriage" and fraud etc.

    Either that or charge ALL marriage celebrants an annual fee and make us all do the same bottom line issues!


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