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2012 CoCA Submission on Cost Recovery and Increasing Professionalism

CoCA Submission to AGD with recommendations on Professional Fee and other matters.

Background documents from the AGD:
Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) re professional fee

Web link to: CoCA response to the RIS

MLCS - Consultation Paper - Marriage Celebrants Program - Program Improvements through Cost Recovery - August 2012.PDF

The CoCA associations, at the invitation of the AGD, have provided a submission to the Department with recommendations on reforms/changes to the Marriage Celebrant Program.

This submission is the result of a collaboration between all 13 CoCA associations.

DOWNLOAD: COCA SUBMISSION in response to the MLCS Consultation Paper 2012.

We will invite you to read our submission and provide comments, thoughts, ideas to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conflict of Interest is a principle of concern in a profession, where the office-holder/professional has a duty of care: to put the client’s needs or some other authority’s needs before their own, to be able to offer impartial advice, and to not use the relationship developed in their other work, where power relationships have developed (ie where free and informed consent is hampered) for financial or other benefit. See the Wikipedia references below. to use business skills for the efficient and effective management of their professional independent celebrancy practice, but not to exploit their professional role to offer unnecessary or…
Key Points of OPD legal requirements for marriage celebrants A compulsory unit is not mandatory under the Regulations (Sect 37M (2). This is at the Registrar of Celebrants discretion. At least 2 professional development activities must be undertaken in each registration year A total of not less than 5 hours is required
31 Applicant may be refused registration in certain circumstances (1) A Registrar to whom an application for registration under this Subdivision is made may refuse to register the applicant if, in the opinion of the Registrar:
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