NEW LAWS about to negatively impact on the marrying public

April 8th, 2013 | Posted by rona in Cost Recovery Plan

To all those concerned with civil society and our public civil ceremonies!

The Marriage Bills before parliament, claimed to be a simple “cost recovery” measure are much more than that.

In removing the 5 year review and adding an annual fee and “review”, the Attorney-General’s Department is proposing to remove the Commonwealth life time appointment (subject to the provision they continue to be Fit & Proper persons), and replace these with annual appointments subject to the payment of an annual “registration” fee.

Marrying couples will have no guarantee that the celebrant of their choice, and with whom they have booked their wedding ceremony, will be still registered at the time of their ceremony.

Learn more at:
http://www.coalitionofcelebrantassociat … paign-now/

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  • Name supplied says:

    The main justification for the tax was the need for increased staff to handle the workload associated with 5 yearly reviews. If the Bill eliminates the reviews, why are more staff required??

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