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2016 AGD conflict of interest discussion

Independent celebrants are invited to offer their comments and recommendations to CoCA on Conflict of Interest and Benefits to Business section of the AGD 2016 Discussion Paper released 25th November 2016

CoCA's background notes and principles for COI

Whether you are a member of a CoCA association or not,  you may fill in the Message Box below to give us your examples.


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  • Comment Link  Michelle Thursday, 12 January 2017 20:03

    The rules about conflict of interest under reminded and assume that Celebrants only have one skill set

    In actual fact someone such as a celebrant would be the perfect MC for the reception. Or if celebrant has had events experience, could organise the wedding and then form on the day.

    The whole thing is backwards. Surely if a celebrant is also a florist it is not a problem for other celebrants a whole, but for florists.

    Do any of us really care if another celebrant is also providing the hair styling two hours before the gig begins?

    Anything, since the average wage of the celebrant so though we should be encouraging everyone to utilise the contacts and make their careers successful overall. Other industries call this networking. Opposite of conflict


  • Comment Link Belinda Wednesday, 11 January 2017 21:34

    There are already inconsistencies with the rules to the a Conflict of Interest. I constantly see breaches yet these Celebrants are not pulled up. If it is to remain it should be more defined and stricter rules for EVERYONE or completely be lifted. I personally think it should be lifted but with some guidelines or restrictions that are well defined so everyone has a fair chance.


  • Comment Link Marion Way Saturday, 17 December 2016 22:49

    I agree with the Celebrant that said that there is an oversupply of celebrants.

    The AGD needs to cut back on the number of celebrants that are appointed each year. I liked the idea of making all of the appointments at ONE time in the year. That may be at the beginning of the financial year or some other time.

    Conflict of Interest and benefit to business has so many loop holes and is totally wrong for a number of reasons. As stated previously there will be many more celebrants appointed by Motel chains, Function centres and the like.
    In rural Australia the securing of a wedding is becoming increasingly chaotic because of undercutting and many celebrants devalue their work and don't even match BDM simple ceremonies.

    The can has been opened now the worms need to re group and march through this minefield of propaganda.


  • Comment Link Rona Goold Saturday, 17 December 2016 08:42

    Seems the Attorney-General Department does not understand the difference between "What is a business?" and What is a profession?" Professions have "professional development" .. private businesses only do when they consider they need something. Professions are supposed to be concerned about the public good, as well as making a fair wage for their work. Businesses don't have to worrry about the public good - it's all cut throat when they can get away with it!


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