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Congratulations to our CoCA Chair Dorothy Harrison from Perth and Vice-Chair Liz Pforr Brisbane travelling to Melbourne to present to  today's Select Committee Hearing on theExposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill.

CoCA represents over 8,500 Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants of whom approximately 8,000 are independent professional civil celebrants.

Being practitioners in the profession, Liz and Dorothy were able to explain the complex nature of the Marriage Act as it applies to the marrying public.

The CoCA submission was based upon its 2015 Survey on Same-Sex Marriage and related matters and can be found here

Member associations can be found here

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Photo (from left to right): 
Mrs Dorothy Harrison CoCA Chair,  Senator Janet Rice, Mrs Liz Pforr CoCA Vice-Chair CoCA, Senator Louise Pratt and Mr Jamie Gardiner (Liberty Victoria).

CoCA Select Committee Reps

Photo taken by Select Committee Chair Senator David Fawcett at the end of a long day

On the 25th November the Attorney-General's Department issued a discussion paper seeking views on ongoing professional development requirements and the Guidelines on conflict of interest and benefit to business for Commonwealth registered marriage celebrants.

CoCA has provided some background information on

to assist Commonwealth marriage celebrants to consider the impact of their feedback to the AGD.

What issues would you like CoCA to raise on your behalf?

Comment here for

Notes on Clauses 17
Schedule 1 18
Schedule 2 25



The primary purpose of the Marriage Amendment Bill 2002 (‘the Bill’) is to give effect to the Government’s commitment to reform the Marriage Act 1961 (‘the Act’) as it relates to the Marriage Celebrants Program operated under subsection 39(2) of the Act. The Bill is the result of a four year consultative process.

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The Coalition of Celebrant Associations is an “association of associations”.  As such CoCA does not have individual celebrants as members, rather associations are members. Then member associations are represented by the delegates they nominate. However member associations accept individual celebrants as members, and all CoCA Associations have and/ or accept members from all states and territories around Australia.

If you join a CoCA association then you are linked  to CoCA as the peak body via your association.

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