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Workforce Development Agenda Item

Presented by CoCA to representatives of the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section on Thursday 14th April 2016 in Canberra.

How do ‘we’ plan for a future celebrant workforce that meets the needs of the marrying and ceremonial public and the career path objectives of the civil celebrant?

Whether you belong to an association or not, to assist CoCA in its role as the peak national association of celebrant associations providing advice to government, you are invited to complete this National Celebrant Survey 2016

Last month, the Attorney General's Marriage Celebrant Matters e-magazine sent to all Commonwealth marriage celebrants, announced the 2016 National Celebrant Survey.

"CoCA has invited all Commonwealth registered
marriage celebrants to participate in its national
celebrant survey. The survey can be completed at
This survey was designed and developed by CoCA.
Results will be published on the CoCA website
in June 2016."

Your assistance is vital for this survey to have responses from a good cross-section of Commonwealth marriage celebrants. 

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This survey is intended as a baseline from which trends, needs and concerns can be identified and tracked over time. This survey focus is basic data, association participation and ongoing professional development (OPD).

We trust it will be easy to complete and become a real asset for your future as a celebrant and for future generations of independent celebrants.

Deadline 28th June 2016

OFFER by Arthur J Gallagher (previously OAMPS)

What do you get for $129 - Only $99 for CoCA Association Members.

  • Public & Products Liability $20,000,000 each and every occurrence
Example: Client trips over your PA system which causes injury
  • Professional Indemnity $3,000,000 each and every occurrence and $6,000,000 in the aggregate during the period of insurance
Example: you forget to lodge a clients paperwork and they sue you for not fulfilling your duties

The Coalition of Celebrant Associations is an “association of associations”.  As such CoCA does not have individual celebrants as members, rather associations are members. Then member associations are represented by the delegates they nominate. However member associations accept individual celebrants as members, and all CoCA Associations have and/ or accept members from all states and territories around Australia.

If you join a CoCA association then you are linked  to CoCA as the peak body via your association.

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